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World’s Most Powerful Professional Qualifications in Business Strategy

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The Strategy Institute’s pioneering professional standards and body of knowledge have demystified the science and art of strategy. They define the most advanced function-agnostic, industry-neutral and level-independent framework for the strategy in business today, making it relatable to roles and jobs cutting across positions and designations.

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Choose the World’s Finest

The ABSP™ and SBSP™ of TSI are recognized as benchmark international credentials in business strategy for professionals at any stage of their career— from diverse academic backgrounds, functional specializations, and industry verticals. Demonstrate your mastery of business dynamics and how strategy shapes organizational growth. Make strategic thinking your inherent skill and get your experience and other qualifications to work even better for you.

  • Associate Business Strategy Professional
    • Prove your potential for hitting the ground running because you can link your KRAs with organization’s business and strategy
    • Enhance your professional options by adding the most respected global certification in business strategy to your vitae
    • Stake your claim for bigger roles in global organizations
    • Accelerate your career growth and move into team and group leadership roles faster
    • Get your career off the blocks in style after your MBA or Master's from a TSI-affiliated/ recognized institution or business school.
    • Differentiate yourself from your peers and stand out sharp for improved visibility among employers
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  • Senior Business Strategy Professional
    • Prove your promise and potential for outcome-driven leadership in your division, department, business unit or function
    • Emerge as an influencer of best practices in your expertise area
    • Accelerate your rise into senior positions in your current job
    • Increase chances of switching to better jobs with employers of your choice
    • Transform your approach and style of functioning and drive improved results for your internal and external clients
    • Multiply possibilities of switching to more strategic roles with larger impact potential.

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Stand Out Sharp

Academic qualifications cease to drive career growth after a certain point unless they are supplemented with global credentials in high-demand skill areas. Business Strategy is a prime example. The ABSP™ and SBSP™ certifications help professionals stand out taller among their peers for their rich, deep perspective and understanding of the dynamics of business and their trained reflexes for connecting their deliverables with the strategies of their organizations and their businesses. ABSP™ and SBSP™ certified professionals distinguish themselves for their abilities, promise, and potential to thrive in complex roles and drive outcomes for their divisions, business units, departments, project groups, clients, and organizations.


The secret of success in all jobs lies in how well professionals can align their tasks, thoughts, and actions to their organizations’ businesses, priorities, and strategies. The ABSP™ and SBSP™ programs are designed to empower professionals from diverse business and management functions, industry domains, or sectors with the skills for strategic thinking and a toolkit for strategic analysis. The programs combine the values of globally recognized certifications and the latest knowledge in business strategy analysis, design, and execution to help professionals rise into leadership roles earlier and faster because of their increased potential to impact organizational goals directly.

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Top your experience and degree with a TSI Certification!

The journey of acquiring ABSP™ or SBSP™ prepares professionals about thinking, designing, modeling, executing and controlling Business Strategy in a typical organization. Equally importantly, the programs help professionals learn how to sharpen the working style in their own expertise areas by deploying their understanding of Business Strategy.


  • If You are into Consulting

    The ABSP™ and SBSP™ programs are cut out for experienced and aspiring analysts and consultants looking for faster career growth and improved performance in their roles in the management, business and technology advisory spaces. The certifications are also chosen by many professionals who seek to move into consulting and business advisory services.

    Higher-order knowledge and skills in strategic analysis, strategy design and business strategy management are a must for success in the consulting space, and TSI certifications serve as the most widely respected proofs of promise and potential for consulting.

  • If You're into Marketing

    The ABSP™ and SBSP™ programs serve as ideal knowledge-builders and certifications for aspiring and experienced marketing professionals looking for faster career growth and improved performance in their jobs.

    Business is marketing. Business Strategy connects marketers directly with the factors that need to drive product features, pricing, promotion, sales and distribution programs and customer loyalty initiatives.

  • If You're into Finance

    ABSP™ and SBSP™ help aspiring and experienced finance professionals enrich their finance expertise with the perspective of business strategy for significantly improved performance in their current roles and drive rise in their careers.

    Understanding business strategy sharpens the ability to apply the concept of value to financial thinking; and in adding new strategic dimensions to the perception of assets, liabilities, cost, ROI etc., in the light of the organization’s needs of competitiveness, social responsibility, growth and reputation.

  • If You're into Technology

    Business strategy knowledge directly sharpens the engineering and design approach of professionals, leading to results that empower organizations to serve their customers and stay competitive through providing just the right engineering and technology solutions to their clients and customers.

    The ABSP™ and SBSP™ programs help spur careers of technology majors in computer science, robotics, electronics, electrical, mechanical, structural, chemical, manufacturing and bio-technology among others.

  • If You're into Research & Business Analytics

    The learnings gained in the ABSP™ and SBSP™ programs serve to enhance your abilities for thinking, developing and managing your research, data and analytics plans along with models with greater effectiveness, as you can connect to the business needs and strategies of organizations.

    Business Strategy is the best bridge to customers, consumption, buying behavior, demand dynamics, market flux and customer value propositions. Knowing business strategy can help you develop right data models and data strategies, visualize data more usefully, and identify just the right data points for analysis and reporting.

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Because Strategy is Needed at All Levels

Knowing strategy isn’t longer a hallowed managerial or boardroom need. Organizations today desire all employees to have the ability to comprehend business needs. Understanding business strategy is understanding business best and connecting your own roles and deliverables accurately with what organizations need – irrespective of where you are on the hierarchy.

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Because Strategy is Key to Managing Business

The ABSP™ and SBSP™ certifications of the Strategy Institute focus on applications of the strategic management principles in managing business. Professionals dealing with the challenges of growing markets, sales, profits and value for their organizations know very well the importance of learning how business strategy must weigh in every managerial thought and action – across the divides of functions, levels, departments and geography.

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Partner Us

We are expanding our global network of academic partners, training providers, and corporate partners, and welcome partnership interests from universities, training companies, and consulting organizations interested in advocating for us in their geographies.

Discover the incredible opportunities of bringing the esteemed TSI business strategy certifications within your region, city, university, or country by partnering with us. To learn more about the possibilities, simply or reach out to us through our page to discuss how we can move forward together.

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All Inclusive…

ABSP™ and SBSP™ certifications can be completed conveniently through self-study of handbook(s) shipped to every registered candidate, and reference material and practice questions shared on their myTSI dashboard. The ABSP™ and SBSP™ registration packages include certification exam fee as well the charges for digital badge, printed certificate, lapel pins and shipping.

business strategy certification learning kit

The Business Strategy Handbook, kits and certificates etc., shown here in the image are only for illustration, and their designs, colors etc., may change without notice. The certificate and the lapel pin are awarded only after candidates pass the certification exam and complete the other requirements to qualify for the certification award. The tablet featured in the image is just to illustrate the digital badging included in the package.

Leverage Your Experience & Degrees

TSI credentials complement Master’s and MBA degrees wonderfully and the synergy of ABSP™ and SBSP™ qualifications with work experience transforms the perception, visibility and value of professionals significantly. TSI certifications are the most trusted and best-regarded indicators of a proven proficiency in strategic analysis, sharp understanding of business dynamics and evolved bent for strategy. These qualities are must-haves for all professionals today – irrespective of their specializations, which industry they work in, or the roles they perform. The journey of acquiring ABSP™ or SBSP™ certifications prepares professionals about thinking, designing, modeling, executing and controlling strategy across levels in a typically large and complex organization and equally well in a disruptive startup.

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If You are a Business School…

Do explore the idea of associating with The Strategy Institute. TSI has a thriving academic association program for accredited (AACSB, AMBA, EQUIS etc.) business schools and institutions. to help them establish a formal, streamlined mechanism and channel to get their students and alumni TSI certified in business strategy. Remember, one of the key reasons why some institutions generally appear to fare better on graduate recruitment is because of additional certifications their students and alums acquired during the course of their Masters Program.

Comprehensive Support

Specialist global service providers support all TSI clients and customers

The global education services leader Academik America manages the entire certification journey for TSI certification candidates, providing them with learning material; dashboard-driven exam-registration services; access to policy resources and ensuring delivery of digital and printed certificates and lapel-pin. Academik America continues to support certified professionals in the renewal and upgrade of their ABSP™/ SBSP™ certifications as well. While the digital badge for your ABSP™/ SBSP™ credential is managed by CredBadge™, the online TSI exams are delivered on the ExamStrong platform.

  • Examstrong

    World’s most rigorous and convenient exam system

  • Credbadge

    Share and flaunt your certification online


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