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Business Strategy Symposia

The Strategy Institute organizes and conducts in universities and B-schools, exciting symposia on the art, science, and practices of Business Strategy upon invitation. An institution can book for an event right here!

Experts, practitioners, and scholars of business, strategy, and thinking are involved in the design and conduct of these events. Students, faculty-members, research scholars, and even prospective employers should all find the Symposia of The Strategy Institute, an event of significant value in terms of perspective enrichment and knowledge addition. In fact, a symposium event can be a great way for an institution to start a partnership with The Strategy Institute.

These events embrace all possible tangents in which the discipline of Business Strategy expresses itself in organizations, and can be found to be evolving all along as well. Some of the hottest symposia themes include the following, though, we always encourage institutions to suggest topics of their own choice, and we attempt to consider these suggestions in all earnest.

Popular Symposia Themes

SE-01 Business Strategy Intelligence – The Undisputed Super Competence
SE-02 Connecting Innovation & Differentiation with Business Strategy
SE-03 Achieving Marketing & Brand Excellence through a Business Strategy Mindset
SE-04 Managerial & Leadership Actioning Using the Business Strategy Mindset
SE-05 Business Strategy Dynamics for Start-ups
SE-06 Improving Financing and Investment Decisions Through a Business Strategy Mindset
SE-07 Succeeding Through the Business Strategy Consciousness
The Strategy Institute

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