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Universities, business schools, large private and public companies, professional education institutions, technology and engineering schools and professional/ vocational training organizations are a part of the rapidly expanding partner network of The Strategy Institute. These partner organizations are engaged in preparatory training for TSI certifications as well as advocacy and representational activities on behalf of The Strategy Institute.

TSI Academic University Affiliate program

For Academic Affiliation

The Strategy Institute’s partner business schools and universities enjoy the convenience of getting their students and alums trained in the ABSP™/SBSP™ programs as per the global standards of TSI.

The TSI Academic Affiliation program enables business schools and universities affiliated with TSI to offer the prestigious ABSP™ and SBSP™ certifications at a special fee to their students while they pursue their degrees. Partner institutions enjoy the exclusive privilege of establishing a dedicated TSI-powered center of excellence for Business Strategy learning.

TSI Strategy Educator program

For Training Companies

The Strategy Institute is expanding its global footprint of Strategy Educator to make TSI-aligned training and education in Business Strategy more easily accessible worldwide. TSI-Strategy Educators market the prestigious ABSP™ and SBSP™ programs in their geographies and offer exam-preparation training. Business Strategy is an essential knowledge and skill dimension in all modern professions, transcending industries and sectors. The Strategy Educator program is open to training companies, consulting firms, and vocational educators. TSI-Strategy Educators earn the exclusive privilege of offering the prestigious ABSP™ and SBSP™ certifications to their current trainees, besides enjoying the privilege of marketing with other high-end strategy leadership programs, which The Strategy Institute regularly offers in collaboration with leading global business schools and universities.

TSI Corporate Partnership program

For Corporates

TSI offers a unique opportunity for top consulting companies, business, non-business, and publicly funded organizations to establish their own organizational processes for certifying their employees, managers, and leaders on Business Strategy. This partnership can play a huge role in making talent development programs of companies more effective, benefiting both the employees and the organization as a whole.

Market competitiveness of corporations, business firms, industrial and economic growth of nations, and effective delivery of social impact results have all become intricately linked to the quality of Business Strategy practiced in organizations. This makes it imperative for them to have leaders across all levels conversant with the concept of strategy, while senior-level talent across functions and departments shows the capability of aligning their decisions and approaches to the organization’s Business Strategy.

Partnership Benefits

The TSI global partner program creates attractive business opportunities for a wide variety of business, educational, training outfits, consulting, and entrepreneurial organizations in the rapidly growing Business Strategy space. By introducing prestigious programs, TSI partners establish valuable connections with renowned global industrial, social, and government organizations. Moreover, TSI 's rapidly growing prominence in Business Strategy education lends several business advantages to its partners.

  • The Worldclass Advantage+
  • The Brand Advantage+
  • The Profitability Advantage+
  • The Content Advantage+
  • The Convenience and Affordability Advantage+
  • The Leadership Advantage+
  • The Mindshare Advantage+
  • The Growth Advantage+
  • The Certification Advantage+
  • The Operation Advantage+

Expand & Globalize

Becoming a TSI partner opens a whole new world of opportunities for your organization - from enhancing your brand perception to increasing your portfolio with the state-of-the-art Business Strategy certifications.

The Partnering Process

To initiate a partnership, the applicant organization can fill out an online application available on the TSI website. Once submitted, the application is reviewed by our globally-distributed Partner Services Group. This process usually takes around 2-5 business days. Some categories of partners are already pre-approved, which speeds up the decision-making process and other necessary steps. If any clarification is needed, the Partner Services Group will send a request within 5-7 business days. The application organization will have the opportunity to provide the necessary information. After the response is received, the decision will be communicated within 3-5 workdays. In pre-approved partner categories, the decision may be instantly communicated.

Once the partnership is confirmed, all necessary documentation will be completed. The partner will then need to purchase the TSI Resource Package and pay the nominal application processing fee, as well as any applicable license fees based on the selected partnership option.

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