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Business Strategy Certifications

Business Strategy Certification Brightens Careers

A great start to a management consulting, finance, digital business, product management, consumer sales, project management, and technology career after MBA and growing in it - both entirely depend on a demonstrated ability and promise for leadership in the immediate future. Candidates with globally respected Business Strategy certifications - ABSP™ and SBSP™ are attractive for employers as credible evidence of leadership promise because these certified candidates reflect the ability to use business strategies to achieve results that directly and measurably impact their company’s survival and growth.

Business Strategy Knowledge Refines Work Quality

ABSP™ and SBSP™ programs help professionals build a robust framework of advanced concepts and models of business strategy, and apply those principles and frameworks in their jobs. The programs add a new layer of knowledge and widen their domain expertise, skills and work toward achieving results that relate to the big picture. ABSP™ and SBSP™ certified professionals prove their superiority to their employers because their approach, perspective, style, and work efforts at the workplace are informed and guided by their understanding of the company’s Business Strategy.

David Darab

As an MBA business coach and consultant, I found the SBSP™ curriculum and process the best way to demonstrate my strategic skill set. The reference material, both in print and online, was very thorough and packed with great learning and case studies. The SBSP™ emphasizes Strategy Formulation, providing frameworks and best practices to meet today competitive and rapidly changing business environment. I highly recommend any leader responsible for strategic direction consider The Strategy Institute programs.
I am excited to display my credential and become a part of the Strategy Community.

President, Foothills
Emily Hatcher, SBSP Manager, Deloitte

Years of relentless investment and experience in the same industry kind of defined my outlook. It was hard to see that my thought-process was working on the same track and I was losing on new opportunities. This is where my growth got stuck. The SBSP™ certification helped me reframe my thought process.

Emily Hatcher, SBSP™
Manager, U.S. Strategy Development, Deloitte

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TSI business strategy professionals

Enrich Perspective

Learning Business Strategy helps add new angles to view your role from the organizational standpoint, directing your efforts, talent and energies better.

Expand Outlook

ABSP™ and SBSP™ programs help unravel the big picture for you. Knowing more about Business Strategy stretches your outlook beyond your function, roles and skills.

Lead Better

Understanding Business Strategy helps you see more, sharper, broader and deeper, lending you the confidence that a problem solver and a growth champion needs to have.

Business Strategy – a Big Must-Know...

How can marketers help their companies sell more, faster, better, cheaper, and surer than the competition? How can finance professionals ensure a continuous increase in the value of organizations? How can HR professionals drive talent performances toward achieving organizational goals and targets?

Business Strategy knowledge helps professionals across the board get the big-picture context to their roles, and helps them direct their talents, skills, and expertise in contributing to company’s plans.

...for Professional Success

Data analysts, financial consultants, business intelligence specialists, supply chain experts, investment bankers, software engineers, and education marketers – all of them need Business Strategy knowledge as essentially as they must know the spreadsheet.

The journey of acquiring the ABSP™ and SBSP™ certifications promises: a convenient, self-directed learning of the rules, weapons, and tactics of the strategy games organizations need to play in business to stay and win the market.

All-Inclusive Package

Books, additional reading material, digitally proctored exam, digital badge, printed certificate, lapel pin and shipping is included in the certification package of the ABSP™ and SBSP™ certifications.

  • Learning & Exam Preparation

    All candidates of the ABSP™ and SBSP™ certifications get a study kit (Resource Box) containing the Business Strategy Handbook. This is the flagship learning and exam preparation resource containing 25 chapters of exclusive content written for easy comprehension covering all aspects of Business Strategy thinking, design, analysis and execution. No additional fee is charged for the study kit from any candidate.

  • Secondary Learning Resources

    All candidates get access to additional reading material including resources on strategy tools, cases and articles. These resources help candidates deepen their Business Strategy knowledge and practice using some important tools and techniques. The cost of these resources is covered in the certification package fee.

  • Exams Anywhere

    ABSP™ and SBSP™ exams can be taken by candidates anywhere they wish to – home or office – once they are ready for exams and registered on ExamStrong™ – the revolutionary remote-proctored online exam platform. Certification fee is included in the exam package, so no additional fee is to be paid.

  • Printed Certificate

    Candidates who successfully pass their ABSP™ or SBSP™ exam get a printed certificate shipped to them in a credential box along with a lapel pin and the Code of Ethics booklet.

  • Digital Badge

    All candidates who pass their ABSP™/ SBSP™ exams also get a Digital Badge – which can be mentioned on their CVs and email signatures and can be shared online with prospective employers.

  • Shipping

    The first-time shipping of the Resource Box is covered under the certification package fee. Replacements and duplicates will be shipped on charges as applicable.

The Business Strategy Handbooks, kits, and certificates, etc., shown here in the image are only for illustration, and their designs, colors, etc., may change without notice. The certificate and the lapel pin are awarded only after candidates pass their ABSP™/ SBSP™ exam and complete the other requirements to qualify for the certification award. The tablet featured in the image is just to illustrate the digital badging included in the package.

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The Strategy Institute

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